How to Fill in PDF Forms: All You Need to Know

How to fill in PDF forms? This question brought you to this page, and we got you covered. Below is a detailed instruction on how to do it regardless of your purposes. Get your PDF files ready and follow these simple instructions!

Fill In a Form

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How to fill in forms in PDF?

Let’s see how to fill in your PDF forms in 2 different situations.

Fill In PDF Forms

Filling in an interactive form

An interactive form is a PDF form that already has clickable fillable fields on it. Here’s how to fill it in:

1. Upload your PDF file on PDFLiner – you can simply drag and drop the file into the box on the main page or click “Upload Document” and choose the needed one.

Upload a PDF

2. Start editing – once the document is uploaded (it may take some time for large files), you can click the “Select” icon in the top left corner and then start clicking on the fillable fields in your interactive form to fill them in.

Edit a PDF

3. Edit text while filling in – PDFLiner lets you edit the text in selected fields using the rich text editor panel right on top of the screen. The options include font, font size, style, aligning, hyperlink insertion, and color. Besides, you can highlight, relocate, and duplicate fillable text fields and other elements. If you want to finish editing a field, click OK in the menu above it or simply click on any empty space in the document.


4. Sign a document – once you finish editing, you can click on the “Sign Field” choose one of 4 secure e-sign methods.

5. Click “Done” – if you are sure that the document is finished and want to save it, click the big red “Done” button in the top right corner. The pop-up window will reveal and let you share a document via a direct link and email, save it to your device in PDF or JPG, print the document, or lock the file.

Filling in a flat form

A flatform is a PDF form that isn’t prepared for filling and doesn’t include any clickable fillable fields on it. You have several ways to add them:

  1. Upload your PDF file on PDFLiner – you already know how to do it.
  2. Add a text field – simply click the “Add Text” icon on the tool panel and then click anywhere you want to add text. This feature doesn’t create an interactive box, but lets you quickly fill in lines with text.
  3. Insert a text field – if you want to add a text field with a colored opaque background, click “Insert” in the tool panel and select “Text Field.” Move the cursor to the place where you want it to be and click again to place it. Next, you can click it to start typing or click and drag text box edges to resize it.
  4. Insert fields – if you want to create an interactive form and place all the fields in the right order before filling them out, the most convenient way is to click the “Add Fields” green icon in the top right corner. It will reveal a menu with direct access to all interactive field types, such as text, image, checkbox, radio, drop-down list, number, date, and signature. Add and arrange the needed number of fields and click the big red “Save” button to save changes and start filling the fields in.
Filling in a flat form

How to make fillable fields

Now, let’s figure out how to fill form fields in PDF once you create them. For this, all you need to do is click on the field you want to fill to select it and start typing. When you finish with one field and want to fill another, simply click another one.

Make a Fillable Form


Below are a few more quick facts on filling in a PDF form to ensure you don’t miss anything.

How to save a filled-out PDF?

Once you finish editing, click the big red “Done” button in the top right corner. Click “PDF” or “JPG” in the pop-up window, depending on the preferred saving format.

Can I type on a PDF?

Yes, any form-filling software allows you to do it. In PDFLiner, you can add fillable text fields or bare text, depending on your purposes.

How to share a filled-out PDF?

Once you fill in form, you can save it to your computer or share it directly from PDFLiner. For this, click “Done” and select “Send by Email” or “Share” in the pop-up window.

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