How to Sign Form 1040-SR: A Concise Guide

Form 1040-SR, which stands for U.S. Tax Return for Seniors, can be filed by people aged 65 or higher to report their taxes on a yearly basis. It entitles a senior taxpayer to deductions that are higher than the standard. Largely similar to the now-defunct Form 1040EZ, it is a simplified tax statement form that can be used to report salaries, wages, and other income sources.

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How to Sign Form 1040-SR

The IRS encourages US taxpayers to file their statements electronically. Not only does the approach reduce paperwork; it can also save you a lot of time and effort provided. PDFLiner has an extensive e-sign functionality that you can use to e-sign 1040-SR really easily. Here is how you can sign your form online:

Step 1: Access the fillable PDF version of the form offered by the platform (see the link above). This will open a straightforward editor where you can enter any relevant information according to the Form 1040-SR instructions by using fillable fields. Alternatively, you can upload your pre-filled form and proceed to sign it straight away.

Step 2: Now that the form is ready, create the signature. To sign PDF online, scroll down to the 3rd page of IRS Form 1040 SR and click on a Sign Field. Signature Wizard will open.

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Step 3: This is PDFLiner’s instrument dedicated to managing your electronic signatures. If you are a new user, click Add New Signature and choose to type in your name, draw your signature on the screen using your mouse, attach an existing image of your actual signature, or take a picture with the help of your device’s camera.

Step 4: Click the "Sign" button and your signature will appear in the "Sign Field". To save your document, click the "Done" button and choose a saving option.

All the e-signing options offered by PDFLiner are legitimate and can be applied to any document and not just Form 1040-SR.

See another article on our blog if you’ve been wondering how to get IRS form 1040-SR. This article explains how to sign the tax return for seniors in a way that’s both easy and legitimate.

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This section briefly answers the most common questions related to Form 1040-SR.

Who should sign a 1040-SR form?

Seniors aged 65 and older who use 1040-SR to report their income need to sign it.

Can I e-sign Form 1040-SR?

Yes, you can. E-signed 1040-SR statements are accepted by the IRS.

Can someone else fill out and sign the 1040-SR for me?

Another person can sign it for you if you are ill, absent from the US, or have been granted express permission to delegate the task to someone under a power of attorney by the IRA. Sometimes your spouse can do it without a power of attorney.

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